The Duchess of Sussex was both praised and blasted for dropping some scheduled appearances from her diary on her tour in Australia. The loyalists and mother’s in the know have been full of praise for newly pregnant Meghan for speaking up and backing out of events when feeling ill or tired. Other mothers have slammed her tardiness. For the love of queen and  country, they cried, how hard can it be to have someone dress in designer gear, make you up and chauffeur you to an event where your only job is so smile and shake hands (and occasionally hold your husbands’ umbrella).
Whether you a die-hard monarchist or a card carrying member of the Australian Republic Movement (tick),  I didn’t think we should judge Meghan so harshly. Every woman who has been blessed to experience pregnancy know’s all-too-well the exhilaration mixed with fear and anxiety that goes with carrying a child. I was probably more neurotic about what could go wrong with my first pregnancy, making me a fragile mess. As Meghan is a “mature pregnant woman”, (Urgh! yes that is doctor speak for a mother over a certain age), the fear of something not going to plan is real.
If she wants to back out of an appointment to rest, well, so be it. Good on her for breaking from her monarchical duty. I know there are many mums who would disagree and can speak from personal experience about having to work through horrid morning sickness, and I can sympathise.
Rent or a mortgage is not going to pay itself and with an impending period of maternity leave looming, no one wants to rock the boat with their boss. But,  I totally support women who stand up for themselves. Meghan is a newbie to the one of the most archaic corporations in the world, where her grandmother-in-law is CEO.  I am of the opinion we’re all born equal, and being born into a royal household or, in this case marrying into one, doesn’t actually make you special, but, I since she’s in this unique position, I know she can use her public profile for good.
So, while I could care less for her royal social standing, I do think she has tackled this absurdly OTT new level of celebrity with aplomb.
It can’t be easy. She gets extra points in my books for wearing flat shoes while on a royal meet and greet (shock, horror), and taking her wedges off and going barefoot at the beach while on duty, (again, what is this world coming to?)
Here’s to wishing all mums-to-be a healthy pregnancy. You’re all royalty in my books, so if you are able to, take some time out to enjoy this moment.
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