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So happy that you’ve taken the time to check out mUMPIRE. We’re all just like you, parents, carers, grandparents and friends on a mission to raise the best kids we can – and survive the experience. This is platform to read about other people’s journey. We hope some of the stories resonate with you, and give you an insight into what parenting is for most of us – a constant juggle, but a life filled with love and hope amidst moments of utter chaos!

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Meet the editor

Full-time mum of three, wife, part-time journalist and occasional cook.  While I have kicked many career goals in my life, nothing quite prepared me for having children. My utter joy was combined with absolute fear and driving home from the hospital after my eldest was born, I envisioned hospital staff running behind me yelling, ‘Wait, you totally don’t know what you’re doing’. From the challenge of keeping babies alive and nourished in a sleep deprived state, to raising toddlers, school-aged kids then pre-teens, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by other wonderful parents who have done is all, and seen it all, well before I became a parent. I found sharing (OK, sometimes oversharing) to be a way to connect to like-minded people, help me become a better parent and above all, not be so hard on myself. I hope you enjoy mUMPIRE, it’s a forum for people to talk about what parenting really is: the toughest gig in the world where track pants, baby vomit and the occasional meltdown are part and parcel.

 Catherine Nikas-Boulos