We all worry about our kids spending too much time on their “socials”, but presumably you’re raising better teens than this lot.  Forget the rich kids of the Hamptons or 90210, there’s a new postcode of wealthy kids with wad loads of cash to splash on luxury cars and designer goods that has enraptured the internet. Rich kids of Russian oligarchs (as in, SUPER rich) have been working their diamond-encrusted phones overtime, snapping themselves lounging in their parent’s private jets to showing off their Bentley’s. It’s been a wild ride for these kids who have access to anything that money can buy, celebrating their ostentatious wealth in a way that can only be described as grandiose and flashy. While the rest of the country struggles to cope with an ailing economy, these mini-gars are oblivious, flaunt their wealth on their private social media accounts and on anonymous Instagram account Rich Russian Kids. Born into the lap of luxury has not only guaranteed them a life of material wealth beyond comprehension, but these internet sensations have managed to procure something even more valuable by today’s standards – social media fame and followers into the thousands.

They have been branded Vladimir Putin’s ‘Golden Youth’, and they intend on living up to their name

10. Holidays on every day

Do these guys even go to school or have a job of any sort? While most us suffer from Mondayitis, there’s no way the Golden Youth have an inkling of anxiety. In fact, they never need to know what day is it, because if they’re not sunning themselves in south of France, they are skiing in Aspen. Is there even such a thing as too much of a good thing? Stupid question, of course not.

9. You never have to grow up, just get bigger stuffed toys

If we were talking about a five-year-old child, stuffed toys would be the norm, but why are young adults still gushing about stuffed animals and flaunting their over-sized, bears on Instagram.  It’s not that the average person can’t afford it; it’s more the idea that buying an adult-sized stuffed animal is expensive and preposterous waste of money. Weirdly, some of these young Russian millionaires feature their stuffed toys draped in their jewellery or sitting next to them strapped into their Ferrari. It’s all about going to extremes.

8. Never fly coach! Or on a commercial flight for that matter. Private planes all the way

Flying first class is considered second rate for these rich Russians kids. The only way to travel is by private jet, and if you have to fly on a commercial airliner, you just don’t post. It seem the private jet business is a booming trade is in this once Communists stronghold, with raising fuels prices and air pollution not a care for the high-flyers that zip around from one country, or should we say, party, to the next.  The standard photo is of a glamorous teen relaxing in the entrance stairs all casual-like, but a bunch of blokes smoking up the cabin with their Cuban cigars is not uncommon either.

7. Flash that cash

OK, so they can afford the fast cars, they ride in helicopters and private planes, but nothing quite says ‘rich’ more than flashing cash. Not just a couple of tenners, but actual $100 notes in thick wads. When you have access to this type of money, you’ve either just robbed a bank, or your parents are part of Russia’s one percent. They’re privileged teens with the world at their disposal and an army of caretakers, but sometimes they just want to feel a little gangsta.


  1. Taking the chopper into paradise

Why would Russian rich kids suffer on a crowded train they have the choice of taking a chopper. It’s the ultimate in-your-face, as the sons and daughters of rich tycoons openly boast about their money-no-object holidays in locations like the Caribbean and Cote D-Azur.

Their posts are littered with images of choppers in exciting destinations that is so far beyond the means and dreams of the everyday person, but that’s part of their appeal. Getting a glimpse into the lives of this over-indulged crew makes for riveting viewing.

  1. Joining the billionaire boys’ club

They don’t mix with just anybody. You can bet your life that you won’t be able to get anywhere near this billionaire teen club as they party in VIP sections in clubs or exclusive invite only parties. These teens lucky enough to be born into the wealthiest families in Russia will tend to mingle with others that are also born to privilege and affluence. Not unlike Royalty in the past, they are expected to marry within their social circuit, keeping the wealth between them.

  1. Champagne for breakfast. Or any occasion really?

Forget what you know about Russian and their affinity for vodka, this group of rich Russian kids may be barely legal to drink, but let it be known – they really love their champagne. No party or social event is complete without several bottles of expensive champagne, always photographed for social media purposes. Despite costing several hundred dollars a pop, they care nought to splash it around and decorate their private table in clubs with the bottles lined up to show their wealth.

  1. Might not be royalty, but when your this rich, you get to hang out in a castle

Galina Genis is a Russian-born, London-based mother who also considers herself a traveller and fashionista. What that actually means in anyone’s guess, but that hasn’t stopped her from amassing an impressive Instagram following showing. Of course, when you’re a lady of leisure at the highest standard, it’s only fitting to attend gala events in, wait for it, a castle. Shunning away from the standard water font mansions and impressive skyscrapers, the elite can’t top holding an event in a royal house.

  1. Of course, these rich teens must have a yacht

Russia might not the ideal summer holiday destination, but then when you’re this rich, who says anything about staying home. Europe in a private yacht is the holiday du jour, with the young, rich and fabulous flexing their affluence in the most celebrated water ways in the world. The more powerful and sleek the yacht, the bigger their ego, but that’s not all. The yacht has to be occupied by a group of glamourous, rich young people to be considered a hit. There’s nothing like glamour, youth and money to attract scorn and envy from those looking in.


1.When it all goes pear-shaped and money can’t help you

Living life in the fast lane can sometimes catch up to you. Alyona Zaitseva, 20, a Russian oligarch’s daughter wept in her cell as she was detained after killing six during a drag race late last year. Her multi-millionaire father lost an extraordinary appeal to buy her freedom by compensating her victims and their families. The glamorous oligarch’s daughter was seen in tears in the courtroom cage at the start of a legal process which could see her jailed for a maximum ten years after a crash which left a street in the Ukrainian city looking like a war zone with bodies strewn on a pavement.

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